The global clean energy race

The Earth is edging ever closer to a point of no return. A joint statement issued during a recent United Nations Climate Change Conference calling for “decisive action” on climate change within the next two years.

China’s energy transition is a revolution

China is rushing headlong toward a more sustainable and green energy industry, with aggressive renewable energy campaigns in spite of significant setbacks like limited transmission capacity and a steadily growing backlog of subsidy payments.

Blockchain what it means for utilities

Energy is considered by some to be the lifeblood of commercial enterprise. As energy markets continue to evolve, so too does the way we do business.

Nexus between Online Blockchain Energy and eBay Retail

Casting our minds back to the early 2000’s, companies like eBay were revolutionising the retail market by eliminating supply chain intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers.

Solar power outperforms conventional energy

Renewable energy solutions continue to drive economic incentives across the globe with almost 60 countries seeking a 100% renewable target.

Positive disruption in energy markets

The energy markets structure has been stagnant for a long time. The traditional value chain was protected by the structure of technology whereby predominantly power is generated in big sources (power plant).

Atlantic Power Exchange in Agribusiness

Like households and small businesses, Australian farmers are increasingly turning to renewable energy technologies to cut their power costs and shore up their bottom lines.

Disrupting 100 years of business-as-usual

Not much has changed for utility companies’ business models over the past century.

Australia’s cheapest EV is here

Australia’s electric vehicle uptake has been slow compared to other parts of the developed world, experts do believe that we will catch up as EV prices drop, battery range grows and more charging infrastructure is built.

Blockchain can change the face of renewable energy in Africa

In Africa, the demand for electricity largely exceeds supply. Most sub-Saharan African countries experience significant shortage in power where demand far exceeds supply.

Your community benefits from your solar power

Across the world, households can ensure their solar power installation is being put to good use by passing on power bill savings beyond their own households to family and friends.

Clean Energy for our Future

Power generation from fossil fuels is one of the biggest contributors of Green House Gas (GHG) emission.