Floating Solar Solutions


Japan is continuing their trend of innovation, research and development in cutting edge technology having built the world’s first floating solar plant.

Across the country, numerous inland lakes and reservoirs now account for roughly 250 megawatts of solar capacity through distributed local power generation initiatives.

In Yamakura Dam, the largest Japanese floating solar plant is made up of 60,000 solar panels covering 18 hectares, powering over 5,000 homes and saving roughly 8,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Floating solar solutions similar to these can be well suited to areas where available land is in scarce supply but where there is existing transmission infrastructure.

While the technology is fairly recent, floating solar panels can slow the rate of evaporation from reservoirs and with relative ease of installation, could provide more power opportunities than conventional land based systems.

Japan is not alone, China, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand also have plans to expand their floating solar power infrastructure.

India has also announced plans to create 10 gigawatts of floating solar capacity and sub-Saharan Africa could be the next big beneficiary of this technology.

Distributed local power generation continues to gather momentum and, at Atlantic Power Exchange, our aim is to ensure that communities flourish with clean energy solutions.

We continue to redefine our energy marketplace by using distributed ledger technology to put the power in your hands.