Solar power outperforms conventional energy

5/14/2019 Solar Power

Renewable energy solutions continue to drive economic incentives across the globe with almost 60 countries seeking a 100% renewable target.

In France, solar road projects generate electricity for street lights. Essentially, regular solar panels have been placed beneath transparent materials engineered to resist the weight of traffic.

In Germany, biodigesters have been developed to convert the energy stored in organic waste into biogas fuel and fertiliser. In Sweden, biodigesters became so popular that they considered importing more garbage from their European neighbours.

And the small nation of Costa Rica recently bested its previous achievements by generating all of its power requirements purely from renewable energy sources across 300 days of the year.

As new renewable energy projects gather pace around the world, collectively, we have added more capacity from solar photovoltaics than from any other type of power generating technology.

Solar energy continues to prove to be economical, accessible and cost effective, and both at utility scale and prosumer scale, solar energy solutions are becoming directly competitive with traditional fossil fuel generation.

This means households are able to maximise the return on their renewable energy investments, while their communities are able to buy their renewable energy more cheaply across our trading marketplace.