Your community benefits from your solar power

5/14/2019 Solar Power Renewable

Across the world, households can ensure their solar power installation is being put to good use by passing on power bill savings beyond their own households to family and friends.

We are creating a marketplace for solar power customers and suppliers which helps communities benefit from solar power even where there is little physical access and prospects available.

Essentially, households that use less solar power than they produce can sell that excess power to their family, friends and others in their communities that seek a clean and renewable energy solution.

When households generate more solar power than they need, instead of it going back into the grid, households can choose where their excess solar power goes. Under the right conditions, a buyer could buy solar power at a lower price than buying energy from the grid, while a household with solar could sell excess solar at a higher price than they receive through solar feed-in-tariffs.

This means that households are able to maximise the return on their renewable energy investments, while their communities are able to buy their renewable energy more cheaply. So our energy trading marketplace gives people more control over their power.

Follow us on this journey alongside our talented team at Atlantic Power Exchange as we improve our environment and begin making a positive impact on our energy future.
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