The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the peak body representing
Australia’s clean energy sector. Established in 2007, the CEC plays a vital
role in promoting the development and adoption of renewable energy technologies
such as solar power, wind energy, hydroelectricity, and energy storage. The
council works closely with government bodies, industry stakeholders, and the
general public to advocate for clean energy policies, support industry
standards and guidelines, and provide education and training for professionals
in the sector.

Overall, the Clean Energy Council serves as a trusted
authority in the clean energy industry, advocating for sustainable energy
solutions and ensuring that consumers have access to reliable and reputable
clean energy products and services. The CEC’s accreditation program helps
consumers make informed choices when selecting solar installers, empowering
them to invest in reliable and efficient solar systems that contribute to a
cleaner and greener future.

Using a CEC accredited company for
your solar installation offers a range of benefits that ensure you receive
high-quality service and products while contributing to a sustainable future.
Firstly, by choosing a CEC accredited company, you can have confidence in their
expertise and professionalism. Accredited installers have undergone rigorous
training and adhering to strict industry standards set by the CEC, ensuring that
they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to design and install your
solar system effectively.

Secondly, opting for a CEC accredited company guarantees
that you will receive reliable and top-quality solar products. Accredited
companies only work with reputable suppliers who meet stringent criteria for
product performance, safety, and durability. This means that the solar panels,
inverters, and other components used in your installation are of high quality
and have been thoroughly tested for efficiency and longevity. By investing in
reliable products, you can expect your solar system to operate efficiently for
years, maximising your energy savings and reducing your carbon footprint.

Lastly, engaging a CEC accredited company for your solar
installation ensures compliance with industry best practices and relevant
regulations. These companies stay up to date with the latest technological
advancements and industry standards, allowing them to design and install
systems that meet or exceed local regulations and safety requirements.
Moreover, accredited companies often provide comprehensive warranties for their
workmanship and the products they install, providing you with peace of mind and
protection against any potential issues that may arise after the installation.

Accreditation and membership in the Clean Energy Council are
two distinct concepts. Accreditation refers to the formal recognition given to
solar installers and retailers who meet the CEC’s criteria and standards,
demonstrating their technical competence and adherence to industry best
practices. On the other hand, membership allows companies and stakeholders to
join the CEC and gain access to networking, industry insights, policy updates,
and the opportunity to collaborate and advocate for the clean energy sector.

Choosing a Clean Energy Council accredited installer for
your solar installation offers numerous advantages. From their expertise and
professionalism to the use of high-quality products and adherence to industry
standards, these companies provide reliable service, energy efficiency, and
long-term savings. By opting for an accredited company, you contribute to the
growth of the renewable energy sector and play your part in building a
sustainable future.

AtlanticX not only uses CEC accredited installers who have
maintained consistent accreditation, we also use ensure they are experienced in
the field and are aware of the latest trend in Solar and Battery technologies.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your
energy needs.

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