Power Blockchain - Electric vehicle markets

The global EV market has a noticeable momentum.

Power Blockchain - Distributed Micro Generation

This article discusses the Distributed Micro Generation (DMG) (a subset of Distributed Energy Resources) theme.

Power Blockchain - Power Trading Platforms

It is time to discusses the power trading platform theme mentioned in our previous article "Power Blockchain".

Power Blockchain - The Future of Energy Management

The trends and values which digitisation brings to the economies are also impacting the energy sector. Blockchain now powerfully further extends this impact onto the energy sector.

Dawn of a new energy era: Digitised

The energy system of the future will be able to respond to specific energy demand at the device level and meet the demand when it is required, at the right place at an acceptable price. Digitisation will be one of the enabling pillars.

Energy market design improving grid resilience

In the past decade, the global energy landscape has changed beyond all recognition. The popularity of renewable energy sources is growing rapidly.

Innovation for a renewable energy

Innovation is the engine powering the global energy transformation. Globally the speed of developing and introducing more efficient and effective renewable energy technologies is increasing.

Global Energy Transition

The energy system, facing factors such as rising demand, innovation, geopolitical changes and environmental concerns, is undergoing a fundamental transformation.

Envisioning healthy cities of our future

Imagine living in a city where traffic lights communicate with autonomous vehicles, smart roads collect rain water and aged care facilities transmit information about residents to hospitals.

Floating Solar Solutions

Japan is continuing their trend of innovation, research and development in cutting edge technology having built the world’s first floating solar plant.

The Decarbonisation Race

From the developed economies these countries have had declining carbon dioxide emissions in the past 10 years. These economies share some common themes that can show Australia, and the world, a viable path to reducing emissions.

Energy ecosystem and cyber resilience

Cybersecurity risk is a real business risk.In the energy industry, cyber risk is also an ecosystem-wide risk. Cyber resilience is a challenge for all organisations, but it is of particular importance for any energy ecosystem.

The Grid and Grid Edge Technologies

The global electricity systems are in the midst of a transformation, as technology and innovation disrupt traditional models from generation to beyond the meter.

The global clean energy race

The Earth is edging ever closer to a point of no return. A joint statement issued during a recent United Nations Climate Change Conference calling for “decisive action” on climate change within the next two years.

China’s energy transition is a revolution

China is rushing headlong toward a more sustainable and green energy industry, with aggressive renewable energy campaigns in spite of significant setbacks like limited transmission capacity and a steadily growing backlog of subsidy payments.

Blockchain what it means for utilities

Energy is considered by some to be the lifeblood of commercial enterprise. As energy markets continue to evolve, so too does the way we do business.

Nexus between Online Blockchain Energy and eBay Retail

Casting our minds back to the early 2000’s, companies like eBay were revolutionising the retail market by eliminating supply chain intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers.

Solar power outperforms conventional energy

Renewable energy solutions continue to drive economic incentives across the globe with almost 60 countries seeking a 100% renewable target.